Sneak peak to Solidity contribution

Ankit Raj
2 min readJul 11, 2018

Solidity is an Open Source, contract oriented, statically typed programming language which is being used for writing smart contract for Ethereum ecosystem.

Recently, I got a grant from Ethereum Foundation to contribute on Solidity and Geth. There, I had made certain fix goal to contribute in Solidity development and documentation process as well as geth development. Along with that I will involve myself in research on scalability of Ethereum.

Here, I will give you sneak peek on how I started with Solidity development.

To start into the core development process of solidity one need to first start with official doc and github repository. Its core development is written in C++, but there are other modules for python and shell script too. One can choose according to it. In case one have doubts, one can hang around gitter. Community is very active there.

Also, there are good lots of bugs listed of various difficulty level. I would prefer to pick good first issue and documentation labelled bug.

I have fixed few bugs and are in process to fix more more core development bugs solidity like:

2177, 3211 and few others.

I am looking forward to contribute more and got engage myself with the community after the grantship period. At the end, I am really thankful to Ethereum Foundation, Jon Choi, Chriseth, Alex and solidity team for helping me out during the contribution.

Apart from all these, there are few bugs of geth and remix-ide which I am working on which will be posted in next blog.



Ankit Raj

Blockchain Engineer | Distributed system | Ex- Red Hat | Ethereum foundation grantee